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By Hook or By Brook
{Jackie Cheeseman, May 2001}

  Upon gathering an eyeful of the scenery, visitors to the Kittiwake Coast will intone that God made it for photographers. Anglers who frequent the rivers and streams here would beg to differ. The Kittiwake Coast has earned a reputation as an angler's paradise on the strength of its majestic, prolific rivers. Newfoundlanders are lured back to same pools of the Terra Nova, Indian Bay, Campbellton, and Gander River year after year. These are destinations for people who love angling and the rush of the first bit on the line.

  Whether it's the first or the thousandth time, avid anglers like Gander native Dave Lane insist that rising a salmon is the best experience one can have. Visiting well known pools, such as Penny's and Starlight on Terra Nova River, Mr. Lane has risen some of the finest game fish to be found in Newfoundland.

  "You really have to work hard to get them hooked," said Mr. Lane. "Once you do, the feeling is incomparable." Mr. Lane has been fishing brooks, pools and rivers on the Kittiwake Coast for 18 years, beginning with his first tentative casts of a fly rod at age 11.

  During salmon season, Mr. Lane beats the roosters to the call. When most everyone else is in bed dreaming of standing in places like the Gander River, Dave is there, usually at 2 or 3 a.m. "When I'm out on the river waiting for the sun to rise, I'm at peace with the world. It's not really about catching the fish, it's about the entire experience."

  Mr. Lane cherishes the entire experience: relaxing in a familiar environment, listening to the sounds of rushing water, the intimacy of knowing the pools in the smaller rivers such as Campbellton.

  The Atlantic salmon has earned its reputation as the world's greatest game fish. "They play hard and the best part of the game is playing the fish out. Your perception of time is often lost because when you're on the river you're in a world of your own." In the fall of the year when the water cools these fish are feisty and rise well.

  "Fishing is in my blood," explains Mr. Lane. A week before the season opens he's checking gear and trying hard to sleep; but the anticipation is building up. Never missing opening day, he says his passion is, "a disease shared by so many others". Those living in Gander, Appleton, Gander Bay and Glenwood have a world class river right in their backyard. The Mighty Gander River is a premier fishing destination that offers adventure and picturesque scenery.

  If you are rewarded by a challenging wilderness adventure, try the back-country of Indian Bay. With rugged landscape only accessible by plane or boat, you would never know that civilization lies just on the outskirts of the watershed. Tenting on peat moss beds, enjoying a campfire on rocky shores...this is the kind of adventure that tightens the outdoorsmen's bond with nature.