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Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation

The eKubator Project

Select the most correct answer for the next 4 questions.

1. You are the mayor of a newly-formed Newfoundland community. The best name for this coastal town is:
a) Pleasantglen Oaks
b) Pinegreen Valley
c) Job Burton's Severed Elbow

2. In general, your life's philosophy could be summarized as:
a) Man, it's time to get more beer
b) The beer is half empty
c) The beer is half full

3. St. Pierre-Miquelon is:
a) A pair of French Islands located off our south coast
b) The closest foreign country to Newfoundland
c) An excellent source of cheap booze

4. Newfoundland's December could be described as:
a) Cooling with a fastidious marine temperate climate
b) Cold enough to freeze the tongue off a logan
c) Marked by significant snowfall and precipitation

One point scored for each following answer.

You have a relative with an abbreviated name i.e. (Aunt Dot, Aunt Flo, Uncle Gar).
You have slipped on kelp before.
A chiropractor has treated your back after berry-picking season.
You eat the heads off barbecued capelin.
You've had to wash seagull droppings off your vehicle.
You've been awakened by a foundering iceberg.
You traveled less than an hour to take your vacation.
Your deep freeze currently contains dead things you didn't buy at the grocery store.
You've suffered from "jigger's elbow."
You've used a heated log to warm your bed.
If you need to discuss civic matters with the mayor, you can shout to him out the window.
When abroad fellow Newfoundlanders you've never met approach saying,
          " Buuuuuuuudddy … you from home?" without indicating where home is.
You have shot something from your backporch.
Most of your entertaining is done in the kitchen.
You regard the May 24th weekend as the calendar's most important holiday.
You use your fist and a washcloth to crack lobster open.
The "Land and Sea" theme makes you teary-eyed.

Select the most correct answer for the last 7 questions.

A. Where will a 45-minute ferry trip from Farewell to Man O'War Cove take you?
a) Bell Island
b) Tweed Island
c) Fogo Island

B. The knot commonly used to moor punts is the:
a) Windsor knot
b) Half-Hitch
c) Knott's Landing

C. According to the Flat Eart Society, one of the four corners of the world is located at:
a) Dover
b) Comfort Cove
c) Fogo Island

D. Which of these communities is not on an island?
a) St. Brendan's
b) Twillingate
c) Burnside

E. Georgina Stirling is one of Twillingate's most famous citizens she was known for:
a) Founding Newfoundland's first newspaper
b) Her work as a Hollywood actress
c) Her international operatic success

F. The most common shark found off Newfoundland's waters is
a) The basking shark
b) The nurse shark
c) The tiger shark

G. Prior to leading Newfoundland to Confederation, Joseph R. Smallwood operated this business near Gander.
a) Vegetable Farm
b) Glove Factory
c) Pig Farm