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Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation

The eKubator Project

  We wont deceive you. There is no cure for homesickness, no answer to waking in the middle of the night with an empty heart, falling to your knees in the dark in search of a dropped 'H' filling your lungs with air in hopes of a sliver of a scent of the north atlantic. It's hard to be away from home - it was hard for our ancestors who travelled abroad to feed thier families, and it's no easier for the hundreds of thousands of Newfoundlanders who now call someplace else home.

This is where eBerg steps in, to give a feeling of place, of the longing, of an invisible thread that ties you to her coastal bays and the scarred beauty of her shores. This is what it is to be a Newfoundlander. John Crosbie once said, "how can you tell the Newfoundlanders in heaven? They're the ones who want to go home." We couldn't say it any better. Keep your ties. Celebrate your people at eBerg.ca - Your source for all that is newfoundland.