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August 2, 2002

River re-opened - Gander River Tributaries Please be advised that all tributaries of the Gander River including SW and NW that closed last night are re-opening today (Friday, Aug.2) at 12 Noon. due to improvements in environmental conditions.


Jim Crewe
August 1, 2002

River Closures - Gander River Tributaries Tributaries of the Gander River including NW and SW Gander River will close to all angling effective one hour after sunset on Thursday August 1 due to low water and high water temperatures.

These tributaries will re-open when environmental conditions improve.

Only the main stem of the Gander River, from Gander Lake to Gander Bay will remain open.


Jim Crewe

Hi all,

Fishing on the Gander over this week has been great especially around the Fourth Pond areas. Many fish hooked this week. a couple of buddies who just got back this morning from Fourth Pond had the best fishing all year. Between the 3 of them they hooked and landed 4 fish, released another 2 and hooked and rose several others. All fish were hooked near Split Rock on the back angle of Petries.

We had lots of rain over the past 2 days and water levels are rising again. First Pond Bar areas have slowed down now but there are still lots of fish there but harder to fly. Hopefully the rain will lively up this area again as it's been the bright spot for fishing all year.

Near the bridge on the Appleton side of the TCH is an excellent spot right now, lots of fish there as the river has been redirected to allow for construction of the new bridge, therefore any fish going through that area have to pass through an area about 20 feet wide, because of the re-direction of water, this has created an excellent spot for fish to hold up.

Reports from NW Gander are also positive with lots of fish being seen and hooked.

Slaughter hole areas are slow, I assume it's because of the bridge construction just up river as the water below the bridge is murky.

That's it for now, I'll be down river all next week so I'll have a first hand report in 2 weeks time.

Tight lines and great fishing,

Jim ( still looking for my first fish in 3 years!)

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