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The Mighty Gander is Back
June 29, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

  The buzz on the river is that this season has the potential to be a landmark year for all those dedicated 'fly flingers.' Reports say that it's the best season we've seen in 25 years. Eager angler's are storming the beaches, castin' for hopes, and wouldn't ya know...the fish are a bitin'. And with this, the gossip spreads. "Did you hear Jimmy Applebarrel caught three fish down the Gander last night, and had to throw back two because they were too big?"

  Some of our own here at eBerg had the opportunity to spend a few days down the Mighty Gander River this passed weekend. The weather was great, the water was cold, and the fishing was good. The trout were plentiful, but more importantly, six out of eight angler's hooked salmon. Two lucky fellows managed to retain their prey, one of which was a five pounder, and good times were had by all.

  The season may have just started, but boy has it started. Twice as many salmon have gone through Salmon Brook Ladder, as compared to this time last year. As of this week, the number was reportedly somewhere around 118, which is great for this early in the season. First Pond Bar was apparently a happening spot this week aswell, as more people trotted out with fish than without.

Salmon fever is in the air, eager angler's be aware...THE FISH ARE BACK...

Water levels are perfect, and the salmon are swarming,
expect heavy traffic at four in the morning.
So set your alarm and pack your bags,
and fill your boots or shall I say tags.

Tight Lines,
eBerg Staff