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Anglers Report
July 13, 2001
{Author: Jim Crewe}

Lots of fish in the river, BUT they don't seem like they want to take the fly.

I was down as far as 4th Pond Bar yesterday, fish jumping and finning everywhere but very few anglers were successful. I know of 1 taken on the bar, 1 at petries and 2 at dark angle. I heard of 2 fish retained in the morning at slaughter hole.

Reports from 1st pond Bar and sunshine are the same...lots of fish but won't take the fly.

Oh well, at least there's fish in the river and we're not fishing dead water.

Poaching in Gander Bay is still happening..thanks to Enforcement personnel and some concerned members of the public, nets have been taken out of the water (10) so far. There have been charges laid as well. One poacher has had his brand new truck confiscated...why are people willing to risk losing $30,000 worth of property on top of huge fines all for a COUPLE OF SALMON. To me its total greed and stupidity. Thousands of us anglers take to the rivers each year to TRY and catch a salmon on a fly when you have poachers with one set of a net can destroy a full run, leaving us anglers with nothing to hope for. I hope all of you anglers and conservationist reading this are concerned enough to report all illegal activities happening in our waters..after all it is you who have everything to lose if the salmon disappear, not to mention your children's children loss.

Call crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

Aboriginal guardians in Gander Bay recovered another net last night, 75 feet long. No salmon were in it thankfully.

Looks like last nights rain made a difference in dark angle though. Two anglers were there at 8;30 this morning, by 9:30, they were on their way back home with 2 salmon each.

Lets hope that more rain is coming and that action increases

Until next time,
Tight lines and good fishing,

Jim Crewe
Gander River Management Association - Manager