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Anglers Report
July 27, 2001
{Author: Jim Crewe}

How things change within a week. Seems like the fishing action has died dramatically over the past week. Very few fish have been retained. There has been however a big number of large fish seen over the past week with some anglers lucky enough to hook one.

Maybe poaching is affecting the action lately, First Pond was raped last weekend and another 2 nets were found this week alone. I think the total number of nets taken out of the watershed so far exceeds 20. Makes me wonder how many were not discovered.

As I have always said, it's time for us anglers and conservationists to start taking action..report all illegal activities. The future is in our hands. Don't let greedy poachers ruin it all for us and the next generations.

Also I've been getting lots of reports this week that people are using worms in the river to catch salmon?? Where are the enforcement officers? It's time for DFO to start taking action.

good luck

Jim Crewe
Gander River Management Association - Manager