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Delicious..., or Nasty? - This Weeks Poll
August 10, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

  Recent reports indicate we Newfoundlanders are in deplorable physical condition, second behind only Prince Edward Island. Health professionals indicate that we eat like the days of old but no longer undertake the rigorous physical activity demanded of our grandparents. Take saltbeef, the nitrous assassin, or schrunchions - the nutritional equivalent of a nuclear weapon.

Newfoundlanders relish good food and dining, but are we becoming a gelatinous race of full-bellied, good-humoured rhinos? This decay in physical appearance will also have negative effects on our nationally-renowned, much-documented, rabbit-like zest for making love. What are we to do?

Perhaps its time some of our more traditional foods were put on probation, or at least bore hideous warning labels.

In the meantime, we're going to do some sniffing around about the nutritional value of these foods and will post our findings in the coming weeks.

You can cast your vote on the front page of eBerg. Incidentally, this list has left us starving. If anyone has some good Newfoundland recipes to share, e-mail them to team@eberg.ca

And remember, beauty is what's inside you. And there's nothing so beautful as a stomach crammed with toutins.