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Anglers Report
August 21, 2001
{Author: Jim Crewe}

There's still fish in the river. This time of year, fishing action
declines and anglers become scarce. This time of the year in my opinion
is also probably the best time to fish for the most sought after game
fish in the world, the wild Atlantic salmon. There are fish in just
about every hole, there are very few anglers so you basically got the
whole pool to yourself. Yes, the fish are hard to fly this time of year
but what could be better that spending a day on the Mighty Gander with a
pool all to yourself, no flies, and knowing that you are fishing over
salmon. This time of the year, "jack" (male) salmon are coming up
stream. These are usually the big monsters that every angler dreams
about hooking but very few do.

So for you anglers who never had a chance to fish this year or never had
the opportunity to catch one....go fishing. You will never know what you
could be missing..

Water levels are still low and all tributaries are still closed. When we
get rain, I have a feeling that the river will come alive one more time
for this season. For the anglers who are there when this happens, lucky

Tight lines everyone,