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Mercer for Premier?
August 10, 2001
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  The votes have been tallied, and eberg visitors think biting satirist Rick Mercer, star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Made In Canada, is the best person to serve as Newfoundland's next premier.
The talented writer-actor-monologuist-anarchist garnered some 28 per cent of the popular vote. And word has it that Mercer is considering a career change.
PC Leader Danny Willliams checked in at second place, lending credence to the theory that the blue wave washing across the province may be gaining momentum.
Silver-tongued orator and parliamentary maverick George Baker, MP for Gander-Grand Falls, finished a close third. Mr. Baker has long been a favourite of media pundits and Newfoundlanders alike for his smashmouth brand of politics and clever wit.
Some 11 per cent harkened the return of Prime Minister-groomee and current Industry Minister Brian Tobin for a second term as Premier. The barely-departed Tobin has quickly established himself as a tour de force in national politics, but many Newfoundlanders felt betrayed by his departure.
Just behind Minister Tobin were Newfoundland icon Kevin "Buddy Wasisname" Blackmore and Playboy sextress, former Hugh Hefner love interest and B-movie star Shannon Tweed.
Pulling up the rear were current Premier Roger Grimes with 4 per cent, followed by curmudgeon and best-selling author John Crosbie. Giovanni Caboto finished last with no votes, as eberg readers obviously think long deceased Europeans unfit to run the province.

  It should be noted that Internet polls are about as accurate as a drunken archer. They are often the preferred loitering area of political hacks looking to curry favour. Nonetheless, thanks to all who participated.