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Wired Canadians Growing Rapidly
May 29, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

Many people don't trust the Internet with their money. There is a general wariness about giving out a credit card number on-line. However, a new study shows that the number of Canadians who are buying items on-line is growing.

According to CF Group Inc.'s annual Credit-Card Tracking Study, 60% of Canadians say they are still concerned about using their credit card numbers on-line. However, 75% of people who have made purchases on-line, have done so with credit cards.

CF Group is a marketing, opinion and social-research organization, based in Toronto. They are also a member of the NFO World Group companies. Their study was performed between Jan. 29 and Feb. 12, and was based on 2,032 Canadian adults who were interviewed.

On a different note, Canadians logged in more time on-line for the month of April than any other country. Media Metrix Canada, an Internet researcher, has reported that during the month of April, Canadians averaged 932 minutes (15.5 hrs.) surfing the web. This number is up 82% from last year, as is the number of Canadians on-line in general, which has gone up 14%.

The United States logged in 876 minutes for the month of April, followed by Germany with 710, and Japan with 707. The report specified that Canadians spent the bulk of their time using digital media applications such as instant messaging, file sharing, and gaming.

One other statistic Media Metrix reported was that Canadian women beat out the Canadian men for amount of time spent on-line. The average time logged in by the women was 955 minutes, about 45 minutes more than the male average.

It seems that more and more Canadians are getting connected. Technology is growing at a rapid rate, and as a country we're feeling increasingly comfortable with today's emerging technology. Digital Media is opening windows of tremendous opportunity - but apparently Canadians are already well aware."