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Our Policy on the N-Word
May 1, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

  At E-Berg, we respect an individual's freedom to express themself so long as that voice is not damaging, hate-filled or promotes discrimination.

  As many of you know, the term "Newfie" has been the subject of much popular debate for some time now. There are competing views on the subject - some see it as harmless self-parody, a testament to the strength of our character. Others view it as a degrading tag that promotes an aged vision of stupid Newfoundlanders who often find themselves on the punch-line of a crude or unflattering joke. Both opinions have validity, and writers and contributors to E-Berg are welcome to use either nomenclature.

  However, we feel it important to let you know that materials written by E-Berg staff will not use the term, "Newfie." We are of the opinion that the word is a disservice to Newfoundlanders and, in most daily uses across Canada, is intended with malice and mockery. The word also reinforces an unfair stereotype that we regard as no different than slang names for ethnic groups. In our eyes, we are Newfoundlanders. This is our opinion only - we're certain you have yours, and welcome all thoughts on the matter.