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The eKubator Project

September 14, 2001
{Author: }

It's in the flag. It really represents a people. It instills pride. It adorns buildings. It makes a great pillowcase for savvy marketers.

Newfoundland's new flag was adopted in 1980. The colours of red, gold, and blue are placed against a background of white. The white represents snow and ice, the blue represents the sea; red represents human effort and gold represents our confidence in ourselves.

Some Newfoundlanders are fond of the Native Society Flag - pink and green. The flag was used in 1843, when Newfoundland was still in diapers.

Ever wonder if we need a better flag? How would you design a flag for Newfoundland?

We e-mailed friends and co-workers and asked for their interpretations. Most are pretty sad, some showed a glimmer of hope. We have an ongoing bet that if one of those flags can beat the current one in our weekly poll, the winner gets a gift. Likely a set of napkins and straws pilfered from McDonald's, or we'll reduce the amount of humilation, floggings, razzing and death threats they must endure.

Review the "designs" and the reason behind the design below, then cast your vote in our weekly poll. You can also vote for the Native Society and Newfoundland Flags.

We're also inviting your new Newfoundland flags. Send us your flag (jpeg format please) along with an explanation of its symbolism. The best contributions will be displayed on eberg, and we may offer a small prize if McDonald's doesn't catch on to our napkin-thieving scheme.

Send your flags to team@eberg.ca

John's Submission:

"The beaded loop shows our steady growth in strength and pride. The blue and white swoosh represents our individuals, sheltered against - but in the face of - the blackness of challenge."

Laurie's Submission:

"Just trying to capture the beauty of the province and its isolation."

Vic's Submission:

"The sun always shines on Newfoundland - we're truly on top of the world!"

Steve's Submission:

"The blue shows our marine heritage. The yellow is the prosperity of our future. The black line represents the fabric of our character through the ages that will carry us there."

Janet's Submission:

"The red is blood - our work ethic and sacrifice. It also recognizes our connection with Canada. The yellow is the brightness of our future. The green is a tree, or our steady progress forward, whatever suits you best."

Gina's Submission:

"I just really, really like puffins, so I used this picture. Puffins are funny, proud and like capelin - just like us!"

Linda's Submission:

"The red is our compassionate heart. The star remind us to shine and be proud."

Joe's Submission:

"Newfoundland loves the Leafs! Leafs nation, baby!"

Original Newfoundland Flag:

Current Newfoundland Flag: