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Loyd's Movie Reviews (May2001)
May 18, 2001
{Author: }

The Perfect Storm

I really liked it, especially how they showed the culture of a fishing community and how cruel the sea can be. I really liked that there was some Newfoundland stuff in it. Too many movies these days is all about Australia. It was sad at the end and the action was really good, except when the shark came aboard and set into buddy's leg. Not very realistic, you know. My brother give me the book to read and I thought it was as good as the book, so overall it wouldn't bad.

What Women Want

Now I didn't watch it all, cause me neighbour wanted me to give him a hand down shore so I only saw the first part of it. This fellow gets electrocuted and starts hearing what women thinks, which was pretty funny in a movie but not very fun at all in real life cause the wife already tells me just about everything she think of me and I'd be best off not knowing what she thinks but don't say to me. Anyway, buddy starts wearing lipstick and women's pantyhouse and then me neighbour called and it was just as good that I had to turn it off anyway. The wife watched it all and later started complaining about everything, so next time scratch movies like that off the list.


I thought it was pretty foolish. Some fellow was perched on top of the Statue of Liberty giving a wolf or something the business with claws that came poking right out of his hands. He also drove the claws right through this little missus. Cruel it was. The wife stopped watching after that. Like gaffs in his hand.


It was a good movie. Bit long, mind you, but not bad. Had a few funny parts and a love story so the wife thought it was alright. The fellow in it (Editors Note: Micheal Douglas) used to have fainting spells, and it reminded me of this fellow I knew who would faint when he saw either bit of blood or gore. He had a glass eye. I think he's out west now.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I couldn't pick heads or tails out of it. How could you be expected? I don't speak oriental. My eyes is not what they used to be either, so I couldn't see a wink of what they was flashing on the bottom of the screen. Then buddy and the missus was flying through the air going all chop-sue kung-fu foolish. How did they do that anyways?