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Grub That Didn't Quite Make It
October 5, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

Grub That Didn't Quite Make It

McDonald's Restaurants in Atlantic Canada recently unveiled a new Shrimp Wrap, featuring delectable ice shrimp. Newfoundlanders have long looked for innovative ways to market our natural resources in the food and beverage industry, however some have ended with less than stellar results.

The Hall of Shame:

Eelsicle. Beta testing proved children didn't enjoy having thrashing eels twirl around their tongue. The Eelsicle was shelved three months after going to market. However, some Asian consumers - with more exotic and adventurous appetites - thoroughly enjoyed it.

Squideroni. Inky discharge was unsettling to consumers. Marketed instead as an organic, environmentally-friendly, alternative source of spray paint. Also makes a good bingo blotter.

Urchin Salad. A fair amount of dental injuries and lawsuits sprang from this crunchy, echinoderm-based salad.

Pine Smartins. Thin, chocolate-covered candy snack featuring diced Pine Marten were pulled from the shelves after the martin population teetered to desperately low levels.

McPuffin. The puffin proved too cute, too much a cultural icon and too poor a fit with pickles-onion-lettuce-cheese to intrigue consumers.

Sculpin Dog. A hit in rural Newfoundland communities, the Sculpin Dog met its maker when weak-stomached mainlanders reported there was "no way in Hell" they would eat the head.

Wolfish Wrap. Consumer testing was definitive. The company went on to pursue more "marketable" wraps, including Gravel, Raccoon and Wilted Tomato.

Capelin Crunch Cereal. Focus group testing revealed that smoked capelin and bran were a poor combination at breakfast, particularly for those with hangovers.

Jellyfish-O. While the Jellyfish has roughly the same constitution of Jello, its venomous sting was discomforting to little kids.

Non-Alcoholic Beer. As one brewery representative so aptly expressed, it was "like trying to sell mittens to a snake."

Bear Cheeks. The guilty marketing department assumed that the local popularity of cod cheeks was easily exploited in cross-related markets. Black Bear Cheeks proved the opposite, especially consider the "other posterior" cheeks were being served.