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The New Newfoundland Dictionary - New Entries
November 2, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

The New Newfoundland Dictionary

Newfoundlanders are forever reshaping the world's richest language. Our distinct diction is continually being altered, retooled and molested in a shower of dropped H's. For those of you abroad, you may well be missing out on the latest Newfoundand jargon. Hey, we don't want to see you stranded on the ice pan. To that end, we offer the first in a series of new Newfoundland terms.

November 2, 2001 ENTRIES
Puffin Island Foghorn. (adj.)
Referring to the thundering groan from the famed lighthouse off Greenspond."I had crabcakes and beans for lunch and immediately took to going off like the Puffin Island Foghorn."

Gillnetted. (v.)
Caught, unable to move."Oh man, I was at this party and had two lawyers on either side of me boring me solid. I was completely gillnetted."

Old Man's Beard. (adj.)
Particularly coarse and untidy."When me date arrived I just about leapt me skin. She had a head of hair on her like an explosion of Old Man's Beard."

Tumptumptump. (v.)
Sound caused by an awkward fall."After that party I was feeling no pain, and ended up tumptumptump over the stairs."

Carl Wells (noun)
To stray from intended topic or purpose. So named for CBC weather man who petrifies bananas, takes hot air balloon rides and hosts lengthy interviews, but never seems to impart any information about the actual weather."I asked the loan officer why the mortgage went through, and he started explaining. 20 minutes later, I still didn't get either answer. He was giving me the old Carl Wells."

Obtober 5, 2001 ENTRIES

Breach (v)
To rise curiously so as to provide a better view. Often done by cubicled office workers looking to see what is going on in the office.
"When Suzanne and Mr. Floyd got to fighting about who had soiled the coffee pot, co-workers began breaching to see what the commotion was about."

SPRUNGed (v)
To be on the losing of an unfair or unprofitable business transaction. (root) Referring to ill-fated cucumber greenhouse.
"I bought that K-Car thinking she was a keeper, but the axle broke in two days. I called the dealer, and he said there was nothing I can do. I've been SPRUNGed."

Crosbies (n)
State of extreme surliness and hostility. (root) referring to political curmudgeon John Crosbie.
"I don't know what John had in his Quaker Oats. He's in their cursing up a blue storm. He's got a bad case of the Crosbies this morning."

St. John's Harbourfront (n)
Extremely vile, polluted and malodorous.
"Don't go in that stall. John was there after a feed of moose and it's totally St. John's Harbour."

Boron (v)
To thump quickly and rapidly.
"I went to the Liz and Mark's cabin. They had me up all night going boron in the next room."