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Fight for your Right
June 1, 2001
{Author: eBerg Staff}

  Dundalk, Ireland The land of O'Brien's, O'Malley's, and Oh the scattered beer drinker. Ireland is often compared to Newfoundland for many reasons, from their expanding tourism to their lust for the taste of fine brew. A recent closing of a Guinness plant in Northern Ireland will be causing many former employees to drink - literally.

  Diageo Plc, Guinness' parent company, announced last summer that the plant in Ireland was slated for closure. Of course in today's world of layoffs and cutbacks, workers must be compensated to some degree. This group of workers in particular have been compensated in quite a unique fashion. They voted on a severance package which would have many Newfoundlanders wishing they got laid off from the plant in Ireland.

  Of the plant's 140 workers, a four-to-one vote was reached in favour of the proposed deal, which included free beer for up to 10 years. This works out to be roughly two bottles of beer per day for each former employee of the northeastern Ireland plant.

  This bubbly severance package also consists of more than just liquids. On top of the free suds, the workers are also receiving payments ranging from 37,000 - 137,000 Irish pounds (approx. $61,000 - $227,000).

  Life has many twists and turns, ups and downs. Unfortunately in today's world of varying economy and big business, lost jobs are becoming all too common. It's too bad all severance packages aren't as juicy as this one. We're Irish green with envy Cheers!