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Premier Grimes unleashes the f-word
May 23, 2002
{Author: eBerg Staff}

It looked as if Premier Roger Grimes was in for some criticism after he was accused of using the almighty f-word in a closed-door meeting.

Premier Grimes was speaking to a gathering of investment bankers in New York as part of an Atlantic Canada trade mission.

Apparently, the premier was telling a joke to dispel universal stereotypes about the nature of Newfoundlanders.

To paraphrase: Grimes said Newfoundlanders have two main preoccupations...fishing and f-----g.

Critics fond of political opportunism will undoubtedly condemn the premier's vulgarity, charging that it could discourage investment. Apparently New Yorkers abhor colorful language and place a premium on cordial, polite diction.

But Grimes told VOCM News that Tory MP Scott Bryson was playing politics and took the comments out of context, and went running to the National Post. Other than that, Premier Grimes says the mission was very successful. Pundits agree that this is the most exciting development in provincial politics since former Premier Brian “Happy Hands” Tobin groped the Queen.

This news certainly can’t compete with former Bonavista-Trinity-Conception MP Fred Mifflin’s outburst at a Liberal convention several years ago, where the Admiral purpled the air with some choice cussing that nearly stripped the wallpaper from the conference room.

It’s hard to argue that the bulk of Newfoundlanders do indeed enjoy fishing and f----ng. We here at eBerg certainly delight in both activities, especially when they can be undertaken simultaneously. This may represent the first time in modern political history where an elected official is chastised for telling the truth.