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Anglers Report
March 14, 2002
{Author: Jim Crewe}

Seasonal Bag Limits reduced on Gander River

Anglers on the majestic Gander River will be entitled to less salmon come this fishing season.

The Gander River Management Association (GRMA) said it was pleased to see the announcement of the Salmon Management Plan for the Gander River for 2002 by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

"This plan was developed after consulting with several stakeholders who have a vested interest in the Gander River," explained GRMA President Dave Tulk. Stakeholders included anglers, outfitters, and the Aboriginal community located within the watershed area.

Wild Atlantic Salmon populations have declined overall throughout the province in 2001, and because the Gander River no longer has a counting facility in operation to acquire a count of returning salmon, the GRMA, (with input from local stakeholders) and DFO has decided that a pre-cautionary approach is needed in order to address conservation .

The new salmon management measures for 2002 on the Gander River are;

  1. The main stem of the Gander River (from the outflow of Gander Lake to Gander Bay) will continue to be listed as a Class 1 River so that the main stem WILL NOT close due to environmental protocols. However the seasonal bag limit will be reduced to 4 (four) fish.
  2. The Northwest Gander River will have a Class 2 designation.

  3. All other tributaries including Southwest Gander River will have a Class 3 designation.

  4. The Special Retention Areas located at First Pond Bar and Slaughter Hole have been dropped from the management plan due to difficulty with enforcement.

  5. All other management measures outlined in the 2002 Provincial Plan
    will continue.

Many local anglers are delighted with the decision given that many outside anglers who have fulfilled their tags would crowd the Gander River for the extra two tags.