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Anglers Report
July 3, 2002
{Author: Jim Crewe}

Hi all,

Had an excellent trip down to Fourth Pond last week. Lots of action. Stephen Way of the Economic Zone Board, had his first trip on the Gander and was the only one out of 20 of us who actually hooked fish. Steve releaased 2 grilse and retained one. Not bad for his first trip on the Gander.

Reports from other areas of the Gander River are mixed. The fish do not seem to be holding up in any of the pools, they are b-lining it to their spawning grounds. Given the fact that water levels are good and the water temps are good, I can't blame them.

There have been several fish hooked this week at Petries and Fourth Pond Bar. two fish were hooked in Appleton next to the bridge construction- obviously construction is not stopping the fish from taking the fly.

Salmon Brook fishway has received 130 salmon so far, down about 80 or so from the same time last year.

On a brighter side, Fishery Guardians from Shanahans and the FNI nabbed 2 poachers on 2 seperate nights (they were brothers) over the weekend. Great job boys. These poachers are known to the Gander Bay area for selling salmon during the summer. Lets hope the Judge nails them good.

With this in mind, I urge all to report any suspicious activity to 1800-222-tips (8477). Lets all do our best in ensuring that our wild Atlantic salmon will be in the Mighty Gander and all other rivers for generations to come.

Also, the first ever Gander River Users Map is now available. For those of you who would like a copy, they are free of charge, let me know and I'll get one to you asap.

Tight lines and the best of luck.

Jim Crewe
Ecosystem Officer