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Anglers Report
July 23, 2002
{Author: Jim Crewe}

Latest reports I've gotten from anglers and enforcement is that there are lots of fish in most of the pools. Sunshine and First Pond bar seems like it's still the place to be, however over the weekend it seems like the fish are finally hitting in in the Fourth Pond area and up to Glenwood. On saturday at Petries, 2 anglers had their daily quota in a matter of hours. A friend of mine went to Dark Angle ( between Glenwood and fourth Pond) on Wed, in 45 minutes he was on his way back home with 2 fish. Slaughter hole near the TCH is getting action daily, if you can find a spot?

Reports lately are showing that many of the fish are "chunky", one angler had a 7lb ( 61cm) while another had a 6lb gutted ( 62cm). Not many reports of large fish being hooked YET!

Salmon Brook fishway is still getting fish daily even though water levels are low. We are only down about 50-60 fish from this time last year.

I do hope that the runs are late....I've still haven't got one!

Jim Crewe
Ecosystem Officer