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Posted: 5/27/2002

Columnist Margaret Wente’s article in the notoriously anti-Newfoundland Globe and Mail, “Ashamed to Be Canadian”, which declared “the hunt is indefensible on any grounds -- a giant welfare cheque, written in blood.” Ms. Wente was born in Chicago and moved to Toronto with her family when she was in her teens, and eating Chilean beans in her coffee at Starbucks is likely as close as she’ll get to the tactile grittiness of rural life.

ENTER FORUM: Seal Appeal? Depends On Who You Ask.

Posted: 11/30/2001

At a youth conference on the west coast of the province in the summer of 2000, Industry, Trade and Rural Development Minister asked a pretty tough question: "What can be done to keep rural youth in their communities?"

Moreover, what can be done to keep youth in the province?

ENTER FORUM: Roots in the rock? - What can be done to retain Newfoundland's youth?

3) FORUM NAME: Dealing With Homesickness
Posted: 8/17/2001

Q. How do you tell the Newfoundlanders when you get to heaven?

A. They're the ones that want to go home.

Something about this place, this people, this culture. No matter how far you stray, you're bound to this rugged Rock with an invisible rope that draws you back. That rope can also strangle you. From Scarborough to Sacramento to Sweden, Newfoundland expatriates are crippled by a poorly-understood phenomena known as post-rock-partum depression.

ENTER FORUM: Dealing With Homesickness

Posted: 7/20/2001

Are Whales Being Loved to Death?

One man’s ecological treasure is another man’s quarry. One man’s old growth forest as pine marten refuge is another man’s prime stand of timber. Our resources are in demand, there is value in harvesting them, there is a cost in harvesting the. Equally, there is a value and cost in preserving them. When does which take precedent? How do we balance the demands of a resource-dependent economy with the need to preserve one of the world’s most precious

ENTER FORUM: Are Whales Being Loved to Death?

Posted: 6/29/2001

"Newfoundland Humor" has constantly been a contraversal topic of discussion among Newfoundlanders. Some see these jokes as degrading and a misrepresented portrayal of our education and inteligence. Others take these jokes with a grain of salt as they believe they should, a joke and nothing more. We want to hear your comments regarding this issue. Do you believe the englishman, frenchman, and a newfoundlander belong? Should they remain part of our culture? Or should we banish these insulting tales. Would this produce a more prominant respectable image to our neighboring provinces and countries?

ENTER FORUM: What is acceptable Newfoundland Humor?

6) FORUM NAME: Whither the Food Fishery?
Posted: 5/16/2001

Who, if anyone, is entitled to fish cod? Unions, legal experts, the science community and food fishers all have something to say about this summer’s proposed recreational fishery. Stocks are in such a precarious state that the Fisheries and Conservation Council is recommending no food fishery for 2J3KL. Join and add your voice to our Food Fishery Forum.

ENTER FORUM: Whither the Food Fishery?

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