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The eKubator Project

{Reg Wright, April 2001}

  I was about as bright as a coalmine when I was younger. Someone told me that these benny crabs that scuttled around the stage had nickels in their bellies. We figured we were going to be Rockefellers.

{Reg Wright, April 2001}

  Don't ask me why I'm on the couch. I've done nothing to warrant an ejection from the shared bed. But when I woke up with a mouthful of elbow, I knew I had to make a change. My dental plan doesn't cover nocturnal assault and battery.

{Reg Wright, April 2001}

  So it was off to Canadian Tire to purchase a tent. Now, if you're a wife whose looking for the man of the house, check Canadian Tire. That's where husbands go on Saturdays. They go to Canadian Tire, and buy things they don't use or need, salivate over the power tools and shoot the breeze.

{Reg Wright, April 2001}

  We are economical beasts, really. Something on sale, regardless of the object's actual usefulness or value, is something to be purchased. Why? Because it's free. Such is life in a capitalist society, one guesses.

{Reg Wright, April 2001}

  Husbands everywhere have taken up residency along the rivers. On the home front, the lawn has sprouted long enough to conceal large predators. Mealtimes are notoriously absent of enthusiastic belching. And the wives, oh, pity the wives, have been stricken with Salmonabsence Fury Syndrome.