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The eKubator Project

Design Management Group
Posted: Wednesday - May 9, 2001

When Terry Parsons took a calculated look around Newfoundland and Labrador, he saw a small market. So Mr. Parsons and his colleagues at Design Management Group did the logical thing - they broadened the scope of their vision.

In 1989, DMG, an engineering firm specializing in the provision of municipal, transport and building engineering, took tentative first steps to explore the market abroad. Today, DMG has offices in Canada and Africa, and has completed projects in Malawi, Cuba and Mexico. Most recently, the company was awarded a contract to provide construction supervision services on a rural water supply in Malawi, Africa. DMG - operating out of Gander with 20 full-time employees - bested firms from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Netherlands with staff in excess of 800 to get the project, through a World Bank International Competition Bid.

DMG is recognized by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and World Bank as experts in rural water development. The company was recently named among the finalists for CIDA's Excellence in Corporate, Social and Ethical Responsibility Award.

DMG undertakes exhaustive research for potential foreign projects, working with foreign consulate and trade commissioners for leads, becoming sensitive to the local culture, and, most importantly, building trust with potential clients. It's vision sweeps the world marketplace, and DMG has its eyes on projects in Honduras - an island country ravaged by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. DMG provided the design for the construction of the Cable Bahamas building in Nassau. Most recently, DMG spearheaded the formation of the ACI Group of Partners - five Atlantic Canadian Engineering Firms working with local businesses in Honduras to rebuild infrastructure and modernize the country.

For Mr. Parsons, being a Canadian firm has a number of inherent advantages. "Across the world, the maple leaf is synonymous with a quality product and service," he explained.

Mr. Parsons can often be heard at industry events, promoting the adoption of a global export-driven vision for Newfoundland business and trying to demystify the process of securing foreign work.

"People ask me, 'How did you get a water contract in Malawi?' It's really not that hard, so long as you do your homework and invest the required energy and money," he explains. "There are opportunities out there, and they are enormous. These are opportunities that the business community needs, the economy needs and Newfoundland needs."

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